Half Moon Shifters Series

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Sparks and bullets fly as a werewolf pack in the Great Smoky Mountains grows from one lonely alpha to a strong pack united by love and loyalty, while certain members of a neighboring bear-shifter tribe share their journey.

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Lonely Alpha (Book 1)

True Alpha (Book 2)

Bright Blue Moon (Book 2.5)

A Taste of Honey (Book 3)


  The Half Moon Shifters Series is now available as a box set. Find it at:

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4 thoughts on “Half Moon Shifters Series

    1. Ranae RoseRanae Rose Post author

      Hi Maureen,

      A 4th book in the series (Bright Blue Moon) released in October. I call it Book 2.5 since it takes place between Books 2 & 3. As for an actual Book 4, at this time I do not have plans to release a new Half Moon Shifters book in 2014. If that changes, I will update the series page as well as my FAQ page here on my site.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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