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SIPD 2 Cover 800

Past Midnight

South Island PD, #2

Protecting and serving paradise isn’t easy… When helping an independent woman caught in a tough situation sparks a smoldering attraction, a Lowcountry officer learns the hard way that some scars run deep, and good cops may pay the price for others’ mistakes.


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Inked 9 Cover 600

Secret Ink

Inked in the Steel City, #9

Getting tattooed is personal, but Grace takes it to another level. Aiden can hardly get her to speak during their tattoo session, but she responds to his touch in ways he can’t ignore. She’s clearly hiding something — just not how badly she wants him. And he can’t hide that the feeling is mutual.

All she wants is a tattoo…

A tattoo hidden from others’ eyes, because showing it off isn’t the point. No one else needs to know the meaning — not even the artist. Getting inked means exposing herself to a stranger, but at least she’ll never see him again.

Which is too bad, because he has a face she can’t look away from and a touch that puts her deepest desires at war. By the time she walks out of the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio, she can’t deny she wants him … almost as badly as she wants to keep her secrets.

Release date TBA. Thank you for your patience.

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8 thoughts on “Newest & Coming Soon

  1. Jeannie Platt

    OMG… I LOVE IT… Can’t wait… Love reading just that little bit of Ryans POV… You nailed it… and left me hanging.. damnit lol.

    1. Ranae Rose

      Hi Tee,

      Thanks for stopping by! Book 4 in the Half Moon Shifters Series is currently a work in progress (being written). It’s not finished yet, but I’ll be sure to post updates to this page as soon as I have them. So glad you’re enjoying the series! :)

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