Hard Love MMA

Scarred body, scarred mind – life is rough, and fighting in a cage is the easy part. USMC veteran Ryan Moore survived an IED blast, but every day in the civilian world is a brutal struggle. MMA fighting is the only thing he has to fall back on, and the only thing he cares about until he meets female fighter Ally Rivera.

Ally isn’t afraid to step into the ring, but she can’t fight her way out of the trouble her brother’s gang has brought down on her family. Finding love is the last thing on her mind, but the new guy at her gym makes it difficult to resist a hard body and fighting spirit.

For a shot at overcoming their demons they’ll have to fight hard, love harder and embrace risks they can’t afford to take.

This 2 book set contains the full-length novels Battered Not Broken and Rough Around the EdgesBattered Not Broken is her side of the story, and Rough Around the Edges is his.

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Battered Not Broken

Rough Around the Edges

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